Los medios gráficos mas representativos congregado en un mismo lugar

Hemeroteca ExpoMEDICAL

In line with the spirit of meeting that ExpoMEDICAL, in 2011 the space of the Hemeroteca within the Fair was born. This space aims to congregate in one place the most representative graphic media of the various medical / hospital specialties so that the visitors come into contact with the publications of their interest.

There, the visitor can find a varied offer, and choose the publications that are of their specialty to remove them, completely free. In this way, magazines from all over Argentina will be available, as well as some international publications of great prestige. Year after year, there are more magazines that add to this space, making the Hemeroteca one of the many points of attraction to visit within the Fair.

ExpoMEDICAL ratifies in the Hemeroteca its commitment to work in a focused way and offer the best service to its visitors, disseminating the latest news of the Health Sector and encouraging the permanent training of all its members.

In 2017, more than 40 magazines from the most varied subjects will participate in the Hemeroteca, among which we highlight: